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Invitation to Tender – Tutor Select List (ESF)


Workforce Training Services Path 2 Employment Programme wish to appoint tutors to deliver a range of courses below at their premises in Belfast, Co. Antrim and be added to our Select List framework in relation to the European Social Fund programme.

Please refer to the table below to indicate the outline delivery plan per year. Please note there is NO guaranteed level of work. This tender process is for a 4 year delivery plan. Workforce Training Services reserve the right to re-open the process if necessary.
Ref number
Course (Up to)
of Couses
per Year
(Up to)
per course
(Up to)
per week
ESF/P2E-SLA/18-01 Paediatric First Aid 2 2 8.0
ESF/P2E-SLA/18-02 CSR 4 1 8.0
ESF/P2E-SLA/18-03 SIA Training 3 1 32.0

Invitation to tender is based on price per hour (in order cost per session can be calculated to comply with tender specification). This should be clearly evident in your CV, quoting your hourly rate.

*There is NO guaranteed number of sessions nor level of work for responders to this invitation to tender*

Please e-mail or post your CV to mkelly@workforceonline.org stating what course/s you would like to apply to deliver, your experience in delivery of this course/s, the accreditation process and the cost per hour for delivery.

A sample of our scoring matrix is included below, this is the methodology used to appoint delivery agents/tutors. Appointment is based on value of work over the project lifetime, is demand driven and cannot be guaranteed.

Any unique service provision will require Departmental approval for single tender action.

Open Date Monday 14th May 2018 @9.00am

Closing Date Thursday 28th June 2018 @5.00pm

Workforce Training Services accepts no responsibility for guarantee of receipt of e-mails or failure of technology. Tender responders are advised to send by hard copy recorded delivery to ensure receipt.

Information/Guidance on Procurement is available at Department for the Economy website, click here (https://www.economy-ni.gov.uk/publications/esf-information-memo-0808-procurement-external-tutors-call-2 for information. Weighting for Tender score – 50% Value for money, 25% Quality and 25% Availability. These courses are funded by the European Social Fund. Please note, the maximum hourly rate allowed by this European funder is £22.90 per hour.

Closing Date: 28/06/2018


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