Apprenticeships NI

Since joining Workforce, Sheraz Nawaz has been delighted with all that he has achieved to date studying Motor Vehicle.

Sheraz stated that not only has he secured employment within an industry he has a great passion for, but also to be employed by a reputable company as the Donnelly Group makes him very proud.

On a daily basis, Sheraz has the opportunity to work closely with the Donnelly Group’s Honda Master Technician and hopes that on completion of his Level 3 Apprenticeship he can progress to this role at Level 4 and beyond.

Since commencing his apprenticeship, Sheraz has flourished in the role and he now realises that he can accomplish great things in this Industry. His tutor is delighted with his progress to date and stated that he has a keen eye for detail and has a real determination to succeed. His tutor Eddie feels his positive attitude and determination ensured he has achieved so much in a short time in a very competitive industry.

He is a very mature student and sees himself as a role model for young people facing significant barriers to their learning, development and progression.

Sheraz Nawaz #madetherightchoice