Training For Success

Aaron McCorry is studying Vehicle Parts on the Training for Success programme. He had an interest in cars but rather than be a mechanic, his interest was in car parts and as such, Workforce identified Charles Hurst Parts Department as an excellent opportunity for Aaron to go to for Work Placement.

From the moment Aaron started placement, he has made a very positive impression with his employer and tutor. He has impressed that much that within a 12-month period he has gained two separate promotions and is now training to be a Parts & Service Apprentice.

Aaron is a driven and motivated learner, which is evidenced by the fact he gained employment within 8 months of placement. He has an excellent work ethic, is determined to succeed and hopes to prosper within the Charles Hurst Group.

His tutor Debbie could not be more pleased “Aaron is a pleasure to teach and his positive work ethic and attitude has led him to full time employment within Charles Hurst in a very short period of time. He should be very proud of his achievements so far, and I would encourage Aaron to continue to stay focused and committed to both his employment and studies”.

Aaron is a role model to other students and has frequently visited Workforce to chat to new students who are just beginning their career within the motor industry.

Aaron McCorry #madetherightchoice