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#maketherightchoice and improve the skills of your workforce while providing valuable work experience opportunities for young people!

Through our programmes, employers have an opportunity to cost effectively add to their Workforce while upskilling a young person who is in training.

Workforce offers, accredited training in a variety of vocational areas to provide your staff with the skills they need to progress within your business.

If you are employer in any of the following vocational areas then contact us today for more information.

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Considering Offering a Work Placement

As an employer you can provide a young person with the opportunity to gain a nationally recognised qualification and gain hands on work experience.


  • Build Capacity and train the leaders of tomorrow
  • Build reputation of your business
  • Develop Talent
  • Employee Empowerment
  • Cost Effective Recruitment

Apprenticeships NI

Apprenticeships NI is a Northern Ireland Government funded, work-based learning programme that offers a way for businesses to increase their workforce or up-skill existing staff to develop the skills required to move a business forward. Training an apprentice is a way for you as an employer to ensure you have a skilled workforce while also demonstrating a commitment to staff development. As the employer, your organisation will receive an incentive ranging from £500-£1000 for each employee who completes all aspects of the programme.

Benefits of Apprenticeships NI:

  • Allows you to train employees to suit your business for the future.
  • You gain a skilled and qualified work force.
  • Potential funding opportunities for the business.
  • Apprenticeships increase a company’s bottom line.

Who can participate on the Apprenticeships NI Programme?

Current staff or those about to take up employment within your organisation can join the programme provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Work a minimum of 21 hours per week
  • Are aged 25 or under
  • Their job is not funded by any other government programme
  • They are not in full-time education